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Game Rules

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Application Rules

[ ] Detail is good. The more you write, the more likely it is that you'll be accepted into the community.

[ ] You may reserve a character for a period of one week without specifying reason, but at the end of that time, the character will free up again unless you give specific circumstances for your absence. If a valid reason for an inability to post an application is given, the character will be held for a period of three weeks.

[ ] You may apply for up to four characters, but please only apply for one at a time, and please only take on as many characters as you can handle.

[ ] Original characters are allowed, however you must have been a posting and active member in the community for no less than three months before applying for one. Furthermore, if your OC is approved, please do not abandon your other characters.

General Rules

[ ] Play nice with the other members. As many people in the vaporous currents of the net are in serious need of nettiquette, I shall lay a few basics down here:

1. Absolutely NO Godmodding without player consent. For those uncertain what "godmodding" is, I shall borrow from Wikipedia "Godmodding can refer to the case where a player describes the outcome of their own actions against another character. For example, player A stating, 'A strikes B and B takes damage' would be considered godmodding on the part of player A in most situations."

2. Please do not tell another player how to roleplay their character. We all have different ideas how characters should behave in a given situation, but if a player is controlling a character, that player is that character's master. They call the shots. If you feel that a player is extremely non-cannon, please bring it up with the mod.

3. This is an online RP. We are all here to play with one another. The word play, in this case, has nothing to do with your job, personal life, tastes, or problems. You take your own risks in engaging another character in real-life discussion. There are plenty of fantastic RPers out there who are not nice people.

4. This is a sex-friendly game. In character lesbianism, homosexuality, heterosexuality, non-con, bondage, upside down twirly sex, sideways sex, and orgies are allowed. Albino smut monkeys, however, are a no-go. That being said, please be reasonable when dealing with other players out of character. Everyone has different comfort lines regarding what they feel they can roleplay. We can all play nicely if we DON'T CROSS THEM. Don't stomp the line, don't force the line, and especially don't whine about the location of another player's line. Please approach the subject of in character sex with more delicacy than a virgin on her wedding night.

5. As much as the books are becoming more and more about sexual gratification (you know it's true!) please do not entirely forgo plot in the quest for good erotic writing.

6. No l33t, no abbreviations such as LOLs, ROFLs, TTYLs, etc. are allowed while roleplaying.

7. Roleplaying on the main site is to be done in third person paragraph format, italics are internal thoughts, and spoken language is within "quotes", though no beheadings will be involved if you do it otherwise.

8. A notification of hiatus of more than two weeks is appreciated, and a mark of a good roleplayer. Or, barring that, apologies and cookies when you return is good too ;)

9. Respect towards your other players that would be given to a fellow member of the human race is not only encouraged, but required.

When you want to start a new topic thread, please use the following format:

[Who] The characters present, and whether or not the thread is open or closed.
[Where] Where the log has taken place.
[When] When the log takes place - you don't have to be specific, only 'after this' or 'before that' is necessary.
[What] A brief description, or preview if you will. No more than two sentences are usually needed here.
[Notes] Any warnings of yaoi/yuri/mature content/violence/non-con go here.

then one of these:

< * lj-cut text="Extremely Witty Title of Your Choosing" * > without the *'s.

Character Journal Rules

Every character must have a journal. You may post to these journals as you see fit, but you must say whether or not others can SEE what it is you have written. Please note that posting in your character journal has been made this an optional, but encouraged, feature. If you choose to use them, please keep them first person and in-character.

Finally, friend everyone and everything about the Moonlight Club; both the comms as well as the character journals of your fellow players.
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