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moonlight_club's Journal

The Moonlight Club, an Anitaverse RPG
St. Louis
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A what if.
What if Anita Blake had never existed? What would have happened to St. Louis? Would it have errupted into chaos? Settled into an uneasy peace? What kinds of stories might have been created, there?

Welcome to the Moonlight Club.

This is an alternate universe Laurel K. Hamilton RPG. One in which Anita Blake was never born. Naturally, this means that St. Louis is a much more dangerous place, with no powerful necromancer to hold things in check. However, it might be a realm in which, perhaps, new stories, triumphs, despairs, and dreams might take shape.

It should be noted that, although there is no Anita, all other characters present in the Hamilton novels should be played cannon. Many of those which would have died by Ms. Blake's hands are still present, for good or ill, and it is the belief of this mod that this new reality might pose interesting chalenges for our favorite cast.

This RP is rated R for mature content, violence, and probable sexual scenes.

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