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The · Moonlight · Club, · an · Anitaverse · RPG


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[Q] When exactly does this roleplaying game take place?
[A] This is a re-do of the series sans Anita, and therefore it would happen at or before Guilty Pleasures. However, as I am aware that the tremendous effluvia of 'Bad Guys' would be difficult to play, you may bring in a character that would theoretically be elsewhere (e.g. Asher) so long as a convincing and plausible reason can be given.

[Q] What is the actual plot of this game?
[A] Whatever we make of it. This will be a character-heavy game, and as such, even though I plan to have several grand antagonists, much of the ongoing thread of story shall be made by you, the players.

[Q] What about all the bad guys that Anita killed?
[A] Three of the primary antagonists that are initially present in the series are already dead at the start of this roleplay: Nikolas, Marcus, and Raina. This was a decision based more on the logistics of your mod (me) playing them from the get-go than on any dislike of those characters in particular. Jean Claude and Richard, with the help of their respective coteries, have killed all three of them within the past 6 months. The details of this particular backstory, I shall leave to the players interested (and involved). ALL OTHER DEAD CHARACTERS STILL LIVE. Phillip, Xavier, etc.

[Q] I want to reserve a character but I can't apply right this second because of [insert reason], is that OK?
[A] If you tell the mod the circumstances and don't abuse the priviledge, the character will be held for a period of no more than three weeks.

[Q] What format of roleplaying is used here?
[A] This question is answered in the Rules section.

[Q] What is the OOC forum used for?
[A] Insults, flame wars, mod announcements, introductions, hiatus announcements, news of anything that might have happened or is about to change, plot ideas, help, etc.

Your question not answered in the F.A.Q? Ask it HERE!
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